Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform

Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform

Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform


B2B and B2C Fully Featured Platform


Super Admin Features:

  1. Manage Clients: The super admin can manage the business and the personal information. The admin can also login to the client’s account and manage anything in their portal.  The super admin can also activate and deactivate the vendors.
  2. Payment Options: The super admin can add the payment options which will be available according to the countries. Payment API
  3. Delivery Options: The super admin can add, edit, activate/deactivate the delivery options which the clients will use for their shops. The delivery options will be assigned according to the country selected and add the delivery fee for it.
  4. Manage Custom Requests: The super admin can also view all of the custom orders placed by the customers and respond to the customers about them. The super admin can also forward the custom request to the vendors, receive responses and then send to the customers.
  5. Filters and search bar: Filters and search bars are added on each page, the Stores and products can be searched by typing in the keywords.

Seller Side Features: The sellers registered and approved by the super admin will have their own portals to manage the shop products and order settings.

  1. Manage Orders: The vendor can view the orders placed on the shops, view the order, edit the order, view and print the invoice sent to the customer. The vendor can share the order number to the customer to track the orders.
  2. Manage Products: The seller can add products to their shops, edit the products, delete the products and change the status of the products. Then vendors can also add the discounts to the products.
  3. Transactions: The seller can view all of the online transactions done by the customers in the shops.
  4. Coupons: The seller can add coupons which can be used by the customer to avail a discount on their invoice. The coupons can be added on some products, some categories and overall products.
  5. Chat: The vendor can reply to the customers' messages received.

Customer Side Features:

The users visiting and ordering the products in a shop are the users. Following are the features the customer can perform:

  1. Search bar, Filters and Sorting: The customers can search for the product and the store by typing in the keyword. The customers can also sort the products and stores according to the rating, popularity, name and prices.
  2. Add to cart: The customer can add the multiple products to the cart and can view the cart. The products added to the cart can be updated and removed.
  3. Add to Wishlist: The customer can add the products to the wishlist which then can be added to the cart and then place order.
  4. Apply Coupon: The customer can apply the coupon code which will add a discount to the amount of the product.
  5. Place Order: The user can place order of the products added in the cart by filling in address information and payment details. The guest users can also place the orders.
  6. Emails: The customers receive the email when order is placed, upon registration and when the customer requests for password change. 
  7. Track Order: The customer can also track the order placed by entering the id of the order which had been sent to the customer in email, sms and from order history.
  8. Wallet: The customers will have a wallet and they can pay for the selected item from the wallet. The customer can credit the amount to their wallets also.
  9. Review: The customer can review the product and the store by giving them a rating upto 5 stars and comment about the product or the store.
  10. Chat: The customer can also chat with the vendor for queries and help.

Security: The user will be verified through the email sent to the email provided when the user registers on the platform.
Login validate with OTP
Backend and frontend communication will be secured through OAUTH2.

Previous Projects:

Technology Stack

Technology Stack:
Database:   MySQLi
Backend:   PHP, Codeingiter
Frontend:   HTML, Bootstrap 4, CSS, Jquery 3.2.1
Integrations:  Skrill (Payment), Google Maps API, Social Media Integration
Security:   SSL, MD5 encryption for passwords, File Security, Database Backup