Leveraging New AI Technologies

Leveraging New AI Technologies

Leveraging New AI Technologies

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Our company already provides top-notch software outsourcing services to well-known companies such as Google, Pinterest, J&J, Abbott, Rolls-Royce, and others. We use all that experience in our new division to help companies like yours implement AI projects without increasing their headcount or committing crazy resources.

Since we launched, we helped companies of all sizes reduce costs and increase speed to market by leveraging GPT-4 & others.

Here are a few examples of what's possible by leveraging these new AI technologies:

A VC fund built a platform for their portfolio companies to programmatically generate search ads using GPT for dozens of thousands of keywords. It led to an increased conversion rate of 22% and reducing CPC of 14%

A Marketing Tech company built an AI-powered tool to generate display ads - both images and copy, increasing their productivity by 34%

A Services company built an internal knowledge tool powered by AI to enable every employee to access all knowledge in the company. It leads to a 10% boost in productivity and a reduction of 27% in queries/tickets to the HR department.